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Hi Scott,

It was wonderful to meet you, after such challenging circumstances. I wanted to Thank You personally for the way you operate your business and also for going above and beyond to help out our elderly, that somehow end up, getting taken advantage of.

Unfortunately that is how we met. A elderly local couple, were sold solar panels, that were unwarranted, and would have been useless on the south side of their roof. Your employees, resemble your own honour, and ethical beliefs, you have chosen very well there Scott.

These fly by nighter's, not only sold around 9k worth of solar panels, but knew they would be useless on the south side of their roof. That's where your employees where ethical, caring and made a strong stance against, taking advantage of this elderly couple. Knowing they would be useless, knowing that the solar panels they already had where more than adequate. As you didn't sell them these panels, but where just the technician to install them.

So next they where trying to make them pay for the freight, and where threatening them with debt collectors, and trying to bully them. For panels they didn't even have on their property.

That's where you stepped in Scott. Your an amazing man, not only did you pay the freight, so there was no cost of freight for the panels to come or be returned, but you went over and above and bought the solar panels yourself, so this elderly couple didn't have to have the burden of unwarranted solar panels at 9k, whilst they are awaiting open heart surgery, and absorbing the financial cost from this Health hardship.

So To You Mr Scott Black, you're a very rare breed of old fashion values, integrity, honour, that we very rarely see these days, let alone in business. Big Shout Out To you Scott, you're the real deal, and an amazing human being. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

For anyone out there looking to buy from these outside fly by night operators, Heed this warning!.You are better off going with a local guy, who cares and is there for warranty, and maintenance.Scott Black is that man. You can feel safe, confident with purchase's or maintenance from this wonderful business owner in Emerald.

Scott please feel free to post this on your web site, as a review, I want all of Emerald and surrounding areas to know who you are! I want them to know your character, I want them to know your integrity. I want them to know, you do the right thing, even when no one is looking. I want them to know for all Solar needs, they wouldn't want to deal with anyone else, only you.

Many, Many Kind Regards, Mr Scott Black, your an amazing human being,
Shelly B.

Our new solar for the property is working a treat, been up now for almost 12mths and we have been noticing a large change in the bills. Scott and the team are great to deal with and we are very happy to recommend to others.

Andrew - Emerald

My husband and i are immensely happy with our new solar panels installed by the professional team at Scott Black Solar. They did a fantastic job at the installation, and were extremely helpful from the start, coming out and reviewing our home and discussing with us the most suitable system for effective results. We could not be happier with how much money it has saved us, and it will have paid itself off within a few months we are sure! Thanks a million

Susanne - Emerald

Scott Black Solar Emerald has been saving us a fortune, the power bill has almost halved and you have to be happy with that, it is a way of the future and kinder to the climate thanks Scott great work.

Bec - Emerald

Scott black solar are the best to call for anyone who is looking at investing in a new solar system and setup. For whatever your after, they are more than happy to come out and discuss with you your options, and work out what would be most effective for you. Affordable and well worth every cent, you will be wishing you had them come out a lot earlier.

David - Emerald

Highly Recommend Scott Black Solar, they were very helpful and were able to get out to me on short notice and fix some problems around our home to help save some power. Overall costs were very reasonable and they have a lot of great advice and power saving solutions.

Raylene - Emerald