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Off-Grid systems in Emerald


Are you looking for alternatives to reduce the cost of your utility bills and become more self-sufficient? Well then, here at Scott Black Solar & Electrical, we have the right solution for you!

We have been providing the highest quality service to the Emerald community for 10 years, and in this time we have gained the necessary experience, knowledge and ability to design, install and repair electrical systems and more recently solar systems.

Our team of dedicated professionals is highly qualified and fully able to offer you the best solution for your needs, no matter if it is a home business or a big company, we have your back either way.

The main advantage of off-grid systems is that they are 100% self-sustainable, which means that you don’t need to be connected to our local electricity company in order to get power to your facilities. This way, you make sure all the power received comes directly from your solar panels.
Battery Bank of Solar Panel — Solar Power Provider in Emerald, QLD
Solar Panel — Solar Power Provider in Emerald, QLD
Woman Holding Solar Panel — Solar Power Provider in Emerald, QLD
When it comes to choosing the right solar system for you, there are some important factors that you need to consider. We will run an expert consultation to determine the exact power capability necessary to supply all your needs. Some important aspects we will consider during this first consultation are:
  • Lifestyle
  • Industry you belong to (in the case of commercial or industrial)
  • Field
  • Physical & environmental conditions
  • Regular electrical consumption
Another important element that needs to be considered when installing a solar system is the main purpose or usage required. You can have a standalone system to take care of all your power needs, including a solar powered battery, or you can just use it to support your electrical consumption.

Standalone system

When it comes to standalone systems (SAPS), here at Scott Black Solar & Electrical, we are experts in creating a full system that is completely self-sustainable and has the capability to provide you with enough power for all of your needs.

We combine solar panels with battery storage and specialised off-grid inverters to generate all the power you need.
It’s time to make the switch to a more eco-friendly and renewable way of energy! Feel free to contact us for a consultation today! From the first moment we meet, we will assess you and take into account your needs and the size of your home or business to provide you with a transparent and straightforward quote that actually reflects the real budget you will need.

Ground Mounted Installations

Every one of our installations is designed and created to meet specific needs and requirements. So, if your home or business doesn’t have a suitable roof or structure to place the solar panels, don’t worry! Our team of professionals can set up a ground-mounted solar array for your panels.
This solution is perfect for large properties, as ground-mounted installations can be set up in an open, flat area. Another great benefit of this type of installation is that it allows you to get as many panels as you have space for, which could mean a solid source of power supply for larger areas in your property.