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Residential solar systems in Emerald


If you are considering getting a solar system for your home, then you are on the right path! Nowadays, it is essential to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet and to find more eco-friendly solutions for all of our everyday needs.

Here at Scott Black Solar & Electrical, we are proud agents of change that service our community by taking care of their electrical needs such as domestic wiring, switchboard rewires, and of course, solar system installations.

We offer you a reliable and transparent service from the very start of your project, where we’ll begin by offering you a consultation to determine your exact power needs.

Installation process

After we’ve conducted a proper analysis of your power needs, we’ll design a system that fits your needs and conditions. Our professional team is qualified to turn your house into a modern home by installing a customised solar array on your rooftop or with a ground mounted installation, depending on the conditions of your home.
You can choose an off-grid system to fully supply all your power needs, or you can incorporate your solar system to the local electrical supply to serve as a support system.

Our extensive experience and knowledge have given us enough confidence to say that you can fully rely on us to take your house to the next level, and start living a new lifestyle with a clean, efficient and renewable source of power.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to include power batteries in your system to extend it to its max capacity. With the aid of the best quality inverters, we can convert the energy stored in batteries into electrical power.
Installation of Solar Panel — Solar Power Provider in Emerald, QLD
Repair of Solar Panel in Residential — Solar Power Provider in Emerald, QLD


All our solar panels are resistant to heavy and extreme weather conditions, however, sometimes they can still suffer damage from direct impact or fire. But you don’t need to worry, as providers, we have access to the best products and parts that allow us to perform efficient and quick repairs to solar systems and panels.
Every member of our team is a qualified contractor who can also take care of any electrical fails or damaged wiring, in the panels, inverters or storage system.
Maintenance of Solar Panel — Solar Power Provider in Emerald, QLD


The key for a long-lasting solar system is in a proper maintenance schedule. Even though it is not necessary to be done with a lot of frequency, it is still necessary to make sure your system doesn’t become less efficient because of dirt or dust build up!
Here at Scott Black Solar & Electrical, we are very proud to offer our clients a complete service, from the first moment we begin working together. And this goes beyond the installation of the system. We also provide a comprehensive after-sales service to help you feel at peace with your decision to work with our community’s top solar and electric provider.

Remember: cheap solar—short-term gain, long-term pain. Trust us and get the best service with state-of-the-art equipment for an efficient solution.